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Peace Lily | 150cm
Spathiphyllum wallisi 'Sweet Silvana'

Peace Lily | 150cm

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This huge Peace Lily is a striking statement houseplant. Currently, in bloom, it boasts long-lasting white flowers that hover gracefully over deep, glossy, oval-shaped leaves. A well-grown Peace lily will reach maturity in around 3 years.

It can tolerate a wide range of light conditions and is tolerant of the odd missed watering, making it a perfect plant for busy people wanting to green up their home.

_ Arrives in a 24cm nursery pot
_ Air purifying
_ Can survive with just bright indoor light
_ Promotes restful sleep
_ Provides long last white flowers over rich green leaves
_ Absorbs moisture and prevents mildew

* White pot not included

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A good nights sleep

In a world where almost everyone is suffering from insomnia and poor sleep, Peace Lilies provide an amazing benefit that promotes restful sleep. They help to filter indoor air, increasing the levels of humidity which in turn helps you breathe better and sleep better!

Extremely low maintenance

A houseplant that can accommodate busy schedules the Peace Lily will thrive even when you forget to water it. It can also survive without direct sunlight, so a well lit (artifically) room would provide enough light for it.

Purifies air

One of the many benefits the Peace Lily provides humans is it purifies the air. According to a NASA experiment, pollutants like benzene, xylene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde are some that a peace lily plant can absorb. Therefore, by eliminating 60% of the pollutants, in return, it makes the air more suitable for breathing by adding moisture to it.

Peace Lily
Plant bio

The Peace Lily is native to tropical rainforests, specifically those of South and Central America. It’s thought it was brought to Europe some time in the late 1800s and it's adapted well to the UK’s less than tropical conditions.

A brilliant air purifyer and mould absorber. Toxic to pets and children if ingested.

Other common names:
Peace Lily, White Sails

peace lily
Care tips

Light: Likes bright indirect light but can also tolerate bright artifical light.

Water: Peace lilies love water and do not like to dry out completley. Water when the top inch of soil feels dry. They show when they need a drink by dropping their leaves.

Humidity: As its a tropical rainforest plant the peace lily ideally loves high humdity. Mist to create this environment at home.

Temperature: Peace Lilies prefer warmer household temperatures of 18-24°C.