Stephania erecta | 20cm - People Plants
Stephania erecta | 20cm - People Plants
Stephania erecta | 20cm - People Plants
Stephania erecta | 20cm - People Plants
Stephania erecta | 20cm - People Plants
Stephania erecta | 20cm - People Plants
Stephania pierrei

Stephania erecta | 20cm

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Stephania Erecta’s are one of the most beautiful and rare houseplants to have in your home. Unusual looking, it is a caudex, so it grows from a large rock-like bulb. This is contrasted with delicate, circular leaves that are thinly veined and grow upwards.

Stephania will go dormant at least once a year and the caudex should be kept dry and cool. In January each year give the caudex a good soak (around 24hours) and then plant it on top of the soil, gently making sure it has contact. After a few weeks or so the plant will slowly wake up and you should have another Stephania beginning to grow!

_ Arrives in a 15cm terracotta pot 
_ Simple to care for, similar to a succulent or cactus
_ Rare and hard to find in the UK
_ Would look beautiful as a real feature on a shelf

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Goes dormant

Stephania Erecta's are different to most other houseplants in that they go dormant at least once year. The leaves will die off but it will regrow the following year. This is completley normal.

Ugly v. beautiful

This houseplant is unique and endearing to plant growers of all skill levels because it starts off looking like something grubby and potato-like, but then grows into something quite beautiful.


The Stephania erecta can vary in size, but on average it reaches around three feet in height. This growth takes place slowly, with some plants taking 20 years to reach full maturity.

stephania erecta
Plant bio

First discovered in the early 20th century it was placed into the already-constructed genus of Stephania, which can be translated from Greek to mean 'crown'. Within twenty years, the species was reclassified as Stephania pierrei, honouring French botanist, Jean Baptiste Louis Pierre. The original specific epithet, erecta refers to the pointed branches that emerge from a dormant caudex. This species grows in the wild across Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & Vietnam. 

stephania erecta
Care tips

Light: Stephania Erecta enjoys a bright, indirect spot with some sunshine. The brighter the light the better.  

Water: Regularly water during the active growing season (March-September). Do not let any water stand around the base of the caudex. Keep completley dry in the winter (dormant) season.

Temperature: Don't allow to sit in a room under 15°C or permenant damage may occur.