Sweetheart Vine | 220cm - People Plants
Sweetheart Vine | 220cm - People Plants
Sweetheart Vine | 220cm - People Plants
Philodendron scandens

Sweetheart Vine | 220cm

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The much loved Sweetheart Vine is an incredibly versatile houseplant. Simple and easy to care for, it has large heart-shaped leaves. 

This is a very mature plant that stands 220cm tall. The leaves are trained up a metal trellis. This is an incredible Philodendron for someone who wants a wow factor plant for a large space.

_ Arrives in 35cm nursery pot with a wire support
_ Ideal beginners plant
_ Easy to care for and hardy
_ A show-stopping feature plant for a large space 

* White pot not included

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Easy to propagate

The Sweetheart Vine propagates easily; you can gift any extra growth to plant-loving friends relatives.

Hanging, trailing or climbing

The Sweetheart Vine will happily climb its way upwards or trail its way down. Its leaf size reflects its habit; hanging or trailing plants will produce smaller leaves, whereas when climbing, the leaves continually get larger.

A Longstanding Favourite

Much loved for many reasons; the Sweetheart Vine was one of the first houseplants to become trend-worthy - all the way back in the 1930s!

Plant bio

Native to the rainforests of Central America and the Caribbean, growing like ivy across the forest floor and climbing its way up trees and along branches. Due to this variety of positions in the wild, this plant is happily tolerant of different levels of bright light. 

Philodendron’ translates into two: ‘philo’ meaning to love, and ‘dendron’ meaning ‘tree’. The species name ‘hederaceum’ means ‘ivy-like’, which is also in reference to the plants spreading and climbing habit on trees. 

Other names this plant can be known by are: 
Heartleaf Vine, Heartleaf Philodendron, Philodendron  


 | The Sweetheart Vine is tolerant of most light levels. If you want it to thrive, ensure it receives bright, consistent light and up to an hour of direct sunlight.  

Water | For best growth, water when the top inch or two of soil has dried out.

Humidity | Although normally growing in environments that have a relatively high level of humidity, it isn’t super fussy when grown at home.

Temperature | Like most tropical species, this plant will go dormant under 15℃, with damage occurring under 10℃. For the happiest growth, keep temperatures between 18-26℃.