Swiss Cheese Plant | 170cm - People Plants
Swiss Cheese Plant | 170cm - People Plants
Swiss Cheese Plant | 170cm - People Plants
Swiss Cheese Plant | 170cm - People Plants
Monstera deliciosa

Swiss Cheese Plant | 170cm

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A big, beautiful plant that will add jungle vibes to your home. The Swiss Cheese Plant or Monstera deliciosa is easy to care for and quick growing in good conditions.

This moss pole Monstera is currently 5.5ft tall, making it a great statement piece for your interior.

__ Arrives in a 32cm nursery pot
__ Perfect for giving your space that wild, natural look
__ An hour or two of passing sunshine and bright light is ideal
__ A relatively easy, low maintenance plant


*White pot not included. 

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Delicious fruit

The Latin name deliciosa refers to the Swiss Cheese Plant's 'delicious' fruit. The fruits flavour is a mixture of banana and pineapple and was once cultivated in central America.

Natural climber

In its natural, tropical forest environment, the Swiss Cheese Plant can be found climbing its way up trees. Use a moss pole if you want to train the plant upwards.


Swiss Cheese Plants are unique in their formation: their leaves are covered in holes called fenestrations. A word which translates to mean ‘windows'.

Swiss Cheese Plant
Plant Bio

The Swiss Cheese plant or Monstera deliciosa is an epiphytic (grows on other plants) vine, native to the humid tropical rainforests of southern Mexico.

A member of the Araceae family.

The genus Monstera refers to its monstrous size and abnormally shaped leaves. The species name deliciosa refers to its delicious fruit that can reach a staggering 25cm long in the wild. Unfortunately, your Swiss Cheese Plant is unlikely to bear fruit indoors; you need to move to a tropical climate and plant it outside for that!

Also commonly called: Cheese Plant, Mexican Breadfruit...


| In their native environment, Swiss Cheese Plants grow up trees and, as a result, thrive with dappled sunlight. An hour or two of passing sunshine and lots of bright light is ideal.

Water | Swiss Cheese Plants like an element of drought. It is best to let the top few inches of soil dry out before giving them a drink. Take care to check them more in warmer summer months when they dry out quicker.

Humidity | Swiss Cheese Plants thrive in humid environments, but they aren't too fussy if it's on the drier side either.

Temperature | Like most tropical plants, Swiss Cheese Plants will go dormant under 10℃. For best growth, keep them in temperatures between 18℃ and 28℃