Individual Houseplants For Individuals

Frustrated with the impersonal nature of buying plants online we're building a new way to find your perfect plant.

Small to extra large. Regular or rare.
Every plant is carefully selected and individually photographed.

Brilliant Or Stupid?

Houseplants have become big business. Commercialised, commoditised & optimised; well-known websites mass sell plants based on generic images. In contrast, selecting and photographing every plant takes a LOT more time.

The Mission

// Sell the best plants we can,
not the most plants we can.

// Help you find the perfect plant
for you and your space.

// Run a business that puts its people,
customers and the planet above profits.

Founders Club

We're launching privately, giving early access to like-minded houseplant enthusiasts. 

Your feedback will help shape the direction we take. Your purchases, a vote of confidence in the idea.

In return for your input, you get:

£10 credit to use on your first purchase
A say in what we sell
Early access to each drop