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Monstera adansonii

Monstera 'Monkey Mask' | 30cm

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A relative of the Swiss Cheese Plant, the Monkey Mask has rich green leaves that have fenestrations (or holes!) of various sizes on them. 

Smaller and more compact than the Swiss Cheese, the Monkey Mask is perfect for smaller spaces, or if you’re looking for a plant to climb or cascade, but still want something with incredibly special leaves. 

They are easy to care for, fast-growing and can be trained to climb up a moss pole or left to trail. 

Their unusual leaves make these the perfect addition to your home jungle! 

_ Arrives in a 12cm nursery pot
_ Unusual leaves with holes 
_ Fast-growing
_ Easy to care for

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Flowers and fruit

They can produce flowers and even fruit - but not usually when kept as houseplants.

Keep them clean!

Loves to have clean leaves, so give them a gentle wipe every so often 

No one's quite sure how this Monstera acquired the nickname ‘Monkey Mask’. But we can certainly take a guess. A cheeky monkey that was playing hide and seek behind the leaves whilst a serious botanist was braving the jungle in order to discover new plant species perhaps!

monstera 'monkey mask'
Plant bio

Native to South and Central America and usually found in the rainforests, where they secure their roots in to other trees or rocks, allowing them to climb. 

From the Araceae family. 

Toxic to people and pets

Other common names:
Swiss Cheese vine, mini swiss cheese

monstera 'monkey mask'
Care tips

Light: Loves bright indirect light. Lots of direct sunlight would scorch its leaves, but it needs enough light to produce it’s signature holes.  

Water: Likes a regular watering schedule. Water when the top third of the soil has dried to the touch. Likes damp but certainly not soggy soil! It would also love be misted. 

Humidity: Humidity is high in native environment, therefore its a good idea to try and replicate at home by misting it’s leaves, grouping with other plants or using a pebble tray. It would love to be in a humid kitchen or steamy bathroom. 

Temperature: The optimum temperature for the Monkey Mask would be 18-28°c, to replicate its warm native environment. However it can tolerate temperatures as low as 12°c. Avoid draughts.