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Alocasia Amazonica 'Polly'

Alocasia 'Polly' | 35cm

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Dark green arrow-shaped leaves with contrasting lighter veins make the Alocasia 'Polly' one of the most striking and graphic houseplants. The structural shape of the leaves gives it its' nickname; the African Mask plant.

Happiest placed in a spot with filtered light (to avoid sunburn), a warm room and a little humidity if you can. It can be a slightly dramatic houseplant to own but get it right and its striking beauty outweighs its temperament.

_ Arrives in a 12cm nursery pot
_ Statement plant, with its striking, arrow-shaped leaves. 
_ Provided it’s not cold, it would love a North facing window, where it can soak up the filtered light. 
_ Warmth loving, avoid abrupt changes in temperature and chilly drafts.

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Rare flowers

Very rarely the Alocasia Polly might flower with an unusual looking bloom.

A popular houseplant

Alocasia's have been popular houseplants since the 1950s.


Toxic to humans, cats and dogs, keep this beauty out of reach of children.

alocasia 'polly'
Plant bio

Alocasia Polly’s origins are widely disputed and actually unknown due to it being a hybrid. Unlike its Latin name would lead you to believe, none of the Alocasia specifics can be originally traced to the Amazon.  

Alocasia generally originated from Southeastern Asia.

Other Common Names:
Amazonian Elephant's Ear, African Mask Plant, Alocasia Poly

alocasia 'polly'
Care tips

Light | Alocasia Polly prefers bright but not direct light (which could scorch their leaves) for perfect growing conditions.

Water | Plenty of water. Keep the soil moist but don’t leave sitting in water. In winter allow the soil to almost dry out, but not completely. To avoid overwatering and root rot, ensure thorough drainage. Loves to be damp, not soggy. 

Humidity | Happiest in a humid spot, like a bathroom or kitchen, although other spaces are fine, it would just be worth misting or keeping near other plants. 

Temperature | Alocasia Poly prefers temperatures of between 18-25°C to thrive