Asparagus Fern | 70cm - People Plants
Asparagus Fern | 70cm - People Plants
Asparagus setaceus

Asparagus Fern | 70cm

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The Asparagus Fern has delicate, feathery stems that love the light, reaching towards it as they grow. Young, vibrant green stems wind out from the base turning darker as the leaf ages.

Once in the right spot, these plants grow quickly and continue to get fuller over time providing year-round greenery in your home.

They are the perfect choice for a bathroom or kitchen as they love the extra humidity.

This huge Asparagus Fern is perfect for someone with a big space that wants an impressive feature fern.

_ Arrives in a 27cm nursery pot
_ Likes to be kept in moist soil
_ Grows rapidly
_ Ideal for your bathroom or kitchen

*White pot not included.

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Its not actually a fern!

Despite its name and appearance, the Asparagus Fern is not a true fern; It is part of the Liliaceae family. This plant reproduces via flowers and seeds, whereas true ferns reproduce via spores.

Easy to Propagate

If you'd like to keep your plant small, grow more plants or gift to friends; Asparagus ferns can easily be propagated by root division. The best time to do this is in the spring.

Whimsical Stems

Its winding stems can reach an impressive 2.5 meters - longer than your average double bed! Don't be alarmed, though; Asparagus Ferns don't mind some pruning.

Asparagus setaceus
Plant Bio

Asparagus setaceus natively grows within the Eastern Cape and Northern Provinces of South Africa. 

Like many other plants, the Asparagus Fern’s Latin name is descriptive: ‘setaceus’ comes from the Latin ‘seta’, translating to ‘bristle’ or ‘hair’, it refers to the plant’s delicate foliage.

A member of the Liliaceae family.

Also commonly called: Lace Fern, Asparagus Grass, Climbing Asparagus.


 In the wild, the Asparagus Fern grows under other plants, preferring to be away from direct sunlight and thriving in bright ambient daylight.

Water | This fern prefers the soil to be kept moist; allow the top third to dry out between waterings. 

Humidity | The Asparagus Fern thrives in humid conditions. Mist the leaves regularly for best growth.

Temperature | Loves warm conditions, growing best between 20-25℃. Below 13℃, it will go dormant, with damage occurring if temperatures drop severely.