Blue Star Fern | 80cm - People Plants
Blue Star Fern | 80cm - People Plants
Blue Star Fern | 80cm - People Plants
Phlebodium aureum

Blue Star Fern | 80cm

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With dusty blue-green leaves, Blue Star Fern's are a striking houseplant. Long, wavy fronds grow outwards like hands, reaching a metre in maturity!
Growing from a creeping, golden-scaled rhizome, this plant is perfect for your humid bathroom or kitchen. When placed in a bright, in-direct spot in your home and watered frequently, this fern will grow rapidly.

_ Arrives in a 35cm pot
_ Low maintenance 
_ Likes to be kept moist
_ Perfect for steamy bathrooms and kitchens

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Natural Climber

The Blue Star rarely grows on the ground in the wild tropics. Instead, it climbs up trees or the crook of branches.

Pet Friendly

This plant is non-toxic, so if you have pets or young children, they will be safe in their curiosity. However, it is still (like most houseplants) not recommended to eat!

Easy Care

You'll be pleased to know the Blue Star Fern is considered an easy fern to look after.

phlebodium aureum
Plant Bio

Phlebodium aureum is an epiphytic fern native to the tropical rainforests of North and South America. However, it is the only species of Phlebodium growing in North America.

Like most names, the Latin translation is descriptive. Phlebodium means lots of veins. Aureum translates to gold, referencing its golden rhizomes.

Part of the Polypodiaceae family.

Also commonly called Golden Polypody, Hare-foot Fern, Golden Foot Fern.


| In the wild, the Blue Star Fern is native to tropical treetops, thriving in dappled sunlight. At home, they are happiest in bright daylight; they don't need direct light but will happily enjoy up to half an hour of passing sunshine. 

Water | Like other ferns, the Blue Star Fern thrives on consistent moisture. Water when the soil's surface feels dry to the touch. Avoid watering directly onto the golden rhizomes.

Humidity | The Blue Star Fern enjoys a good level of humidity. A natural way to achieve this is by grouping plants or using a pebble tray.

Temperature | Ferns like temperatures between 16-24℃.