Dwarf Elephants Ear | 85cm - People Plants
Dwarf Elephants Ear | 85cm - People Plants
Dwarf Elephants Ear | 85cm - People Plants
Dwarf Elephants Ear | 85cm - People Plants
Dwarf Elephants Ear | 85cm - People Plants
Dwarf Elephants Ear | 85cm - People Plants
Alocasia gageana

Dwarf Elephants Ear | 85cm

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With its huge, stunning heart-shaped leaves the Alocasia California is a real statement houseplant.

The ruffled leaves are a vibrant green with bold veining that grow up and umbrella out as they age. A truly exotic looking houseplant, perfect for making a real tropical impression in your space.

_ Arrives in a 21cm nursery pot
_ Statement plant with striking, heart-shaped leaves
_ Warmth loving but avoid abrupt changes in temperature and chilly drafts

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Allow it to grow and spread!

These beautiful plants are pretty fast-growing, so choose a spot it can flourish and spread into. Consider repotting every year or two.

Dwarf variety

Alocasia California is considered a dwarf variety, meaning it won't grow to the enormous height (4m+) of some of its relatives. It will however still create a big impact with its huge leaves.

Propagate easily

They are prolific growers, producing babies at the base which can be propagated or left in place for a full and rounded look.

Plant bio

Dwarf Elephants Ear or alocasia gagaena are native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia typically growing to reach several metres tall.

There are over 90 different types of Alocasia, all with a variety of leaf shapes and sizes. Although they are one of the most tropical looking houseplants they will happily grow inside our homes.

Other Common Names: California Elephant Ear, Dwarf Elephant Ear

alocasia california
Care tips

Light: Loves bright indirect light, can tolerate some direct sunshine on its leaves, but not too much, as that will burn them. 

Water: This beauty would appreciate having its soil kept lightly moist at all times, but certainly not soaking, as this will cause the leaves to drop or get brown spots.

Humidity: Happiest in a humid spot, like a bathroom or kitchen, although other spaces are fine, it would just be worth misting a couple of times a week, using a pebble tray or keeping near other plants. 

Temperature: Alocasia California prefers temperatures of between 18-25°C to thrive. Avoid draughty spots, which will cause temperatures to fluctuate.