Fiddle Leaf Fig | 150cm - People Plants
Fiddle Leaf Fig | 150cm - People Plants
Fiddle Leaf Fig | 150cm - People Plants
Ficus lyrata

Fiddle Leaf Fig | 150cm

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This Fiddle Leaf Fig is beautifully mature. Chosen for its pleasing shape and large glossy leaves, this is a large, statement plant that will look amazing in a sitting room, hallway or bedroom.

It will thrive in a brightly lit, warm spot in your home.

_ 30cm pot
_ Popular statement plant
_ Enjoys a brightly lit spot 
_ Takes readily to pruning 

*White pot not included.


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A classic

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is one of the most recognisable and popular houseplants for a reason. A big plant that will perfectly finish a newly decorated room.

Indoor Tree

In the wild, these trees can grow up to 10m tall when they're fully mature; at home, they stop at around 3m.

Beautiful fiddle shaped leaves

Like many other plants, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is named descriptively; in this case, it refers to its large, fiddle-shaped leaves.

Ficus lyrata
Plant Bio

Ficus Lyrata is a broadleaf evergreen native to the lowland tropical forests of Western Africa. Here they can be seen to grow an astounding 49ft tall!

The genus 'Ficus' comes from the Latin for 'edible fig', and the species name 'lyrata' drives from the broad leaves that resemble the shape of a Lyre, a stringed harp-like musical instrument.

A member of the Moraceae family.

Also commonly called: Banjo Fig,


| The key to a happy Fiddle Leaf Fig is good lighting. They will thrive in lots of bright light, enjoying an hour or two of direct sunlight. Low light levels will cause leaf drop, so watch out for that!

Water | Like most fig species, this plant prefers the soil to dry out between waterings and will not like having damp soil for long periods. Routine is best, so a good drink roughly once a week/fortnightly should do them good.

Temperature | This plant does not take well to changeable temperatures or sneaky draughts. Keep in temperatures of 15°C or more to maintain its foliage and health.