Fishbone Cactus | 75cm - People Plants
Fishbone Cactus | 75cm - People Plants
Disocactus anguliger

Fishbone Cactus | 75cm

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A special giant version of one of the most spectacular houseplants, this is a real statement piece. 

The Fishbone Cactus or Zig Zag Cactus has a unique shape with zig-zagged, semi-succulent leaves. The young leaves on this jungle cactus grow upwards initially; as they age, they grow downwards, making it an excellent trailing plant. Unlike typical cacti species, they prefer less intense sunlight, slightly more watering and an element of humidity. Despite these requirements, their care is straightforward.

Perfect for an in-directly lit shelf or hanging from a hook in the bathroom, this intriguingly shaped cactus will thrive and is reasonably fast growing in the summer months.

_ Arrives in a 30cm hanging nursery pot (hanger is detachable)
_ Hang them up high and watch them grow down 
_ Optimal light can encourage flowering 
_ They prefer slightly more water than dry desert cacti

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Nocturnally flowers

The Fishbone Cactus can produce large, beautifully scented flowers when cared for correctly. But they only bloom nocturnally, so you'll have to keep your eye out if you don't want to miss it.

7000 hybrids

Jungle cacti encompass a staggering 7000 different hybrids; this only occurs in roughly 25% of vascular plants.

Tiny spines

Unlike desert cacti species, jungle cacti often produce true leaves without spines. Instead of spines, The Fishbone Cactus has tiny, white hairs on its nodes.

fishbone cactus
Plant Bio

Disocactus anguliger is an epiphytic (grows on other plants) jungle cactus native to the high elevations in the tropical rainforests of Mexico.

The Latin name is descriptive of the shaped leaves, anguliger meaning angle-bearing.

A member of the Cactaceae family.

Also commonly called: Zig-Zag Cactus, Moon Cactus.

Syn. Epiphyllum anguliger.

fishbone cactus

Light | In the wild, Fishbone Cacti grow halfway up trees under the protective layer of the canopy. In your home, it prefers just a few hours of sunlight (compared to desert cacti species). Sunlight that is too intense may cause leaf scorch. Optimal light will help encourage flowering!

Water | Fishbone Cacti prefer slightly more water than some other cacti species; it's still worth waiting until the soil has dried out before watering; once every two weeks is ideal. 

Humidity | Fishbone Cacti can also deal with higher humidity levels, so long as good airflow is maintained. 

Temperature Like most tropical species, the Fishbone Cactus will go dormant under 10℃. For best growth, keep them in temperatures between 16-25℃.