Giant Sword Fern | 100cm - People Plants
Giant Sword Fern | 100cm - People Plants
Giant Sword Fern | 100cm - People Plants
Giant Sword Fern | 100cm - People Plants
Giant Sword Fern | 100cm - People Plants
Giant Sword Fern | 100cm - People Plants
Nephrolepis biserrata 'Macho'

Giant Sword Fern | 100cm

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One of the most impressive fern species you can find, meet the magnificent Sword Fern!

Gorgeously shiny fronds begin life upright - perfectly positioned for you to watch them unfurl. They then arch gracefully downwards with age.

Easy to grow, not requiring direct sunlight and tolerant of the occasional forgetfulness, this fern is an absolute winner for someone looking for a large feature plant or to create the ultimate jungle vibes.

_ Arrives in a 20cm pot
_ Fast growing
_ Tolerant of forgetfulness
_ Non-toxic to pets

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Giant by name, and giant by nature, this species of fern can have fronds that grow to a whopping 1.5m in length, arching elegantly downwards as they age creating impressive jungle vibes.

Divide and multiply

Since it's a fern species, propagation isn't as straightforward as taking a cutting. Instead, dividing up and separating the plant at the base and then re-potting will give you a brand new plant baby to nurture!

A tolerant fern

Unlike some of its relatives, this species is a little more tolerant. If forgotten, it won't instantly drop leaves, unlike some others (we're looking at you, Boston Ferns); however, consistent moisture is a must for the happiest plant.

giant sword fern
Plant bio

Native to a range of tropical areas from Florida down through Central and South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Growing in tropical forests, found in the understory where moisture and humidity are consistent.

The species name ‘biserrata’  refers to the doubly serrated margins of the leaflets.

Part of the Nephrolepidaceae family, alongside the much-loved and familiar Boston Fern. 

Other names for this plant include: 

Macho Fern, Sword Fern

giant sword fern
Care tips

Light | Like most fern species, this plant is not reliant on direct sunlight; however, lots of bright indirect light will help it grow steadily and thrive in your home. 

Water | The sword fern is healthiest when the soil is consistently moist (but not soaking wet). Don't panic if you miss a watering occasionally; it will tolerate dry soil for short periods, although prolonged droughts will cause damage to the plant. 

Humidity | A higher level of humidity is recommended for this plant to thrive; however, it is not essential to maintain its health. Growing it next to other plants, on or near a pebble tray, or close to a humidifier is an easy way to heighten the humidity. 

Temperature | Like most houseplants, this fern will go dormant under 15°C, so for best growth, keep in temperatures of between 18-25°C.