Ruffled Fan Palm | 85cm - People Plants
Ruffled Fan Palm | 85cm - People Plants
Ruffled Fan Palm | 85cm - People Plants
Ruffled Fan Palm | 85cm - People Plants
Ruffled Fan Palm | 85cm - People Plants
Ruffled Fan Palm | 85cm - People Plants
Licuala Grandis

Ruffled Fan Palm | 85cm

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One of the more unusual, rare varieties of palm, the Ruffled Fan Palm makes a statement with its architectural form and pleated fan-like large round leaves. 

Relatively slow-growing, the Ruffled Fan would love a space it can grow into over time. It thrives on lower light than most other palms, making it the perfect addition to a spot that requires something a bit special and majestic. It’s no wonder that this is a sought after houseplant! 

_ Arrives in a 21 cm nursery pot
_ Beautiful fan-like ruffled leaves
_ Unusual and sought after 
_ Doesn’t mind a partially shady spot, preferring bright indirect light.

*White pot not included

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Grows tall!

Can grow very tall - up to 6 feet as a houseplant!

Rotate often

To give it the best form, rotate often to ensure all of the leaves get even light.

Grows up and out

When young, the leaves tend to grow upwards, but you will notice these start to fan outwards as it grows.

ruffled fan palm
Plant bio

In the family of Arecaceae, Licuala is a species of palm tree. Licuala Grandis is native to the Vanuata islands in the South Pacific, which are off the coast of Australia.

In their native environment, they grow in the understory of the rainforests, which is why it is tolerant of some shade. As a houseplant, it’s happiest with bright indirect light, in warm and humid environments. 

The leaf edges are spiky, so please be careful when handling them. 

Mildly toxic to pets and people, so keep away from those with an inquisitive nature.

Other common names include: Ruffled Fan Palm, Vanuata Fan Palm, Palas Palm

ruffled fan palm
Care tips

Light: Does best with bright indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight would scorch its leaves though. It can also tolerate partial shade 

Water: Water when the top 2 inches of soil are completely dry. Soil is better to be damp - rather than wet- to ensure no root rot. 

Humidity: Likes humidity, so mist, group near other plants or pop on a pebble tray. 

Temperature: The Ruffled Fan prefers temperatures of between 16-27°C to thrive