Silver Sword Philodendron | 65cm - People Plants
Silver Sword Philodendron | 65cm - People Plants
Silver Sword Philodendron | 65cm - People Plants
Silver Sword Philodendron | 65cm - People Plants
Phildendron hastatum 'Silver Sword'

Silver Sword Philodendron | 65cm

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The Silver Sword Philodendron makes a striking addition to your houseplant collection with its silvery green elongated leaves which resemble swords, hence the name. It naturally climbs upwards and would look beautiful climbing up a wall in a home to create a real statement.

Low maintenance and adaptable to many spaces, the Silver Sword isn’t a tricky plant to care for. With its beautifully unique colour, which will contrast with most other houseplants, the Silver Sword Philodendron will make a cool addition to the jungle vibes in your space.

_ Arrives in a 17cm pot with a moss pole
_ Loves to climb!
_ Beautiful silvery, sword-shaped leaves
_ An easy to care for, low maintenance houseplant

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Loves to climb!

Loves to have a moss pole to creep up, or provide it with a space where it can climb. Due to its thick stem, it’s better to not leave it trailing, as the stem could snap. 


The Silver Sword is actually classed as an endangered species in the wild, due to deforestation. 

Easy to propagate

Easy to propagate using cuttings - pop into some water and let them grow some roots before re-potting into soil and your good to go with a new philodendron!

silver sword philodendron
Plant bio

Native to the rainforests of Brazil, the Silver Sword Philodendron loves to vine up other plants and trees. Growing under the canopy, it is used to moderate indirect light. 

Toxic to pets and people, please keep away from children. 

Other common names include: 
Silver Queen

silver sword philodendron
Care tips

Light | Beginning life in the understory, Silver Sword Philodendron prefer bright but not direct light for perfect growing conditions.

Water | Water when the top layer of soil is dry, ensuring thorough drainage so that the roots don’t sit getting damp. Avoid overwatering. 

Humidity | Due to its natural rainforest habitat, the Silver Sword prefers humid environments, so would respond well to grouping with other plants or a pebble tray. 

Temperature | Being a natural rainforest dweller, the Silver Sword likes warmer temperatures of around 18 - 26 degrees.