Slender Snake Plant | 55cm - People Plants
Slender Snake Plant | 55cm - People Plants
Slender Snake Plant | 55cm - People Plants
Slender Snake Plant | 55cm - People Plants
Slender Snake Plant | 55cm - People Plants
Slender Snake Plant | 55cm - People Plants
Dracaena bacularis 'Fernwood'

Slender Snake Plant | 55cm

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An unusual and sought after species of Snake plant, Sansevieria Bacularis has beautiful dark and light green cone-shaped leaves which have an almost tiger-stripe or snakeskin pattern.

Slow growing and resilient, these air-purifying houseplants are virtually indestructible, making them perfect for new plant parents or those who are busy or forgetful but want something graphic and structural for their space. One of the most low maintenance plants you could choose.

_ Arrives in a 14cm nursery pot
_ Tolerant of neglect
_ Great for beginners or if you want a low maintenance houseplant

* White pot not included

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Very rarely Sansevieria Bacularis might bloom. This would be once a year at most, so is something to keep an eye out for.

1 Metre tall

Very slow-growing, they can reach up to a metre tall, but it would take a long time.

Air purifying

They are air purifying, removing toxins from the air, and even converting carbon monoxide to oxygen at night - perfect for a bedroom.

Plant Bio

Sansevieria Bacularis are thought to have originated in Africa. Dracaena are generally native to Southern Asia and Africa. 

The name Bacularis originates from Latin, meaning rod or stick, referencing the straight shape of the leaves. 

Toxic to pets and people please keep away from children. 

Other common names include:
Sansevieria Bacularis Fernwood, Dracaena Bacularis, Cylindrical Snake Plant

slender snake
Care tips

Light | Very adaptable, surviving most lighting environments. Very tolerant of darker spots but would prefer bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, as it could burn the leaves. 

Water | Let soil completely dry out between waterings. Pour water directly into the soil and not onto the leaves (which prefer to be dry). Do not overwater. 

Humidity | Normal household humidity. Comfortable in dry conditions. 

Temperature | Prefers temperatures 15-25°C to thrive but very adaptable!