Spanish Moss | 50cm - People Plants
Spanish Moss | 50cm - People Plants
Spanish Moss | 50cm - People Plants
Spanish Moss | 50cm - People Plants
Spanish Moss | 50cm - People Plants
Spanish Moss | 50cm - People Plants
Tillandsia usneoides

Spanish Moss | 50cm

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A stunning, simple plant that provides jungle vibes with easy care.

Spanish Moss has an elegant, intricate tangle of pale, blue-ish green stems. Perfect for hanging alongside a bathroom mirror or window.

Known as an ‘air plant’ because of its lack of reliance on soil, Spanish Moss takes in all the water and nutrients it needs via tiny, hollow cells on its surface.

_ Arrives on a wire hook, ready for hanging
_ Highly unique, this is an attractive, easy-care plant
_ Doesn’t need soil or a pot
_ Versatile plant for placement on or with other plants

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Loves to hang

In the wild, this plant naturally grows hanging off tree branches. Hang it off shelves or larger plants; there are lots of exciting ways to display it. You can also quickly move it without a fuss!

Moisture capture

The tiny white hairs on the surface of the leaves are meant to be there - these are what the plant uses to take in any moisture or nutrients needed, and you’ll notice them darken when the plant is wet.

Won't mind being forgotten

Happily tolerant of forgetfulness when it comes to watering. It can grow untended in a humid environment like a bathroom, although some deliberate waterings are always good to keep it happy and healthy.

Spanish Moss
Plant Bio

Native from the Southern United States, present through Central America and down into South America, alongside also growing in the Bahamas, and French Polynesia, growing in humid climates, hanging itself from tree branches above swamps or marshes. 

Interestingly, the specie name ‘usneoides’ translates to mean ‘resembling Usnea’, a genus of lichen - although bearing a slight similarity to the lichen, in colour and structure, they are almost completely unrelated.

This plant is part of the Bromeliaceae family, alongside pineapples! 

Other common names for this plant include:  Old Man’s Beard, Grandpa’s Beard

Care Tips

Light |
 Found growing under the canopy of trees, this plant naturally receives filtered sunlight through the leaves above. It will do best in consistently bright light at home, tolerating up to an hour of direct sunlight.

Water | Either a weekly submersion into room-temperature water or a thorough mist, ensuring the whole plant is covered - hooking it on the inside of the shower is a good trick too!

Humidity | Capturing necessary moisture through the surface of its leaves, Spanish Moss needs a humid environment like a bathroom.

Temperature | Spanish Moss is native to subtropical and tropical environments, where warmth and humidity are present - grow in temperatures of between 18-25 for the happiest plant.