Weeping Fig | 270cm - People Plants
Weeping Fig | 270cm - People Plants
Weeping Fig | 270cm - People Plants
Ficus benjamina

Weeping Fig | 270cm

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A well-loved houseplant, or in this case, house tree! The Weeping Fig can brighten up a dull corner or add some life to an otherwise empty space due to its tolerance of less-than-ideal conditions.

As well as being hardy against insufficient light, it can also be a rapid and unfussy grower when placed in a brightly lit space, allowing its many slender branches to arch outwards, covered in tear-drop shaped, glossy green leaves. This particular plant would make an incredible focal point for a living space.

_ Arrives in a 45cm nursery pot
_ Consistent, medium rate of growth
_ Easy care
_ Instant WOW factor! 

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Immense heights

In their natural environments, this tree will often reach heights of 30m tall, with a crown diameter of up to 10m! Don’t worry though, they won’t get this large in your home.

Air purifying

Research has shown that this particular species of fig, Ficus benjamina, can considerably filter the gaseous chemical formaldehyde from indoor air.

Latex Allergy

If you, or anyone you live with, has an allergy to latex, it is warned against keeping these species at home due to the possible irritation that could be caused by living alongside or handling this Ficus species. Sorry!

Weeping fig
Plant Bio

Native to Asia and Australia, alongside being naturalised in some tropical areas of the United States. Growing in a wide range of tropical environments - within humid forests, sporadically present in more open, grass-land/bush habitats, and even found in urban areas - this tree thrives so long as light and water are sufficient. 

Unsurprisingly, the genus name ‘Ficus’ translates from Latin to mean ‘fig’ - which makes sense, as some of these species are capable of producing fig fruit. 

This plant is part of the Moraceae family - known as the mulberry, or the fig family. 

Other common names for this plant include: Benjamin Fig, Fig Tree, FIcus.

weeping fig
Care Tips

Light | The Weeping Fig is tolerant of quite set-back, low light spots. However, for the best and most consistent growth, supply lots of bright light, with up to an hour of passing sunlight where possible.

Water & Humidity | Similar to most fig species, this plant likes to be a little on the damp side. However, the top few inches of soil should be dried out in between waterings to ensure it isn’t left in damp soil for a prolonged period.

Temperature | Although not quite as picky as some other species, the Weeping Fig will still not tolerate sneaky draughts or highly changeable temperatures. For the happiest plant and the best growth, keep between 15-25°C.