White Bird of Paradise | 65cm - People Plants
White Bird of Paradise | 65cm - People Plants
White Bird of Paradise | 65cm - People Plants
White Bird of Paradise | 65cm - People Plants
White Bird of Paradise | 65cm - People Plants
White Bird of Paradise | 65cm - People Plants
Strelitzia nicolai

White Bird of Paradise | 65cm

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With its big banana-like leaves and arching structure, the magnificent Bird of Paradise brings tropical vibes to any space.

The Bird of Paradise produces beautiful, unusual blooms in the wild, reminiscent of the tropical birds from Papa New Guinea, hence the nickname! They are very unlikely to flower as houseplants, although this is not entirely unheard of. 

The Bird of Paradise is fast growing and has a beautiful architectural fountain-like shape, making it the perfect houseplant to watch flourish and grow into your space.

_ Arrives in a 17cm nursery pot
_ Can grow to be a large statement plant (if potted on semi-regularly)
_ It brings instant tropical, jungle vibes to a space
_ Fountain like shape

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A statement houseplant

Quite fast-growing, the Bird of Paradise can grow very tall indoors (up to 3m!) in its maturity, making it a true statement houseplant.

New leaf

A new leaf will appear like a stalk up the middle of the plant before unfurling and revealing its lovely bright green new leaf.

Adaptations to wind

The leaves usually split and shred naturally as the plant grows larger. In the wild, this would protect the plant, allowing wind to pass easily and also allowing light to get to the whole of the plant.

Bird of Paradise
Plant bio

Native to Southern Africa, these plants thrive in the warmth and sunshine. 

There are several Bird of Paradise plants types, with the other most common houseplant version being the Strelitzia Reginae, which has leaves that look like boat paddles. 

Other common names include: White Bird of Paradise, Giant Bird of Paradise.

bird of paradise
Care tips

Light: Loves bright light! Pop somewhere with lots of light and watch him flourish. Ideally, not too much direct sunlight, which could scorch its leaves.

Water: Water when the top few inches feel dry to the touch during winter - this will need to be a bit more regularly in summer, but be careful not to overwater, as its roots could rot. 

Humidity: Love humidity! Happy in a humid space, such as a bathroom or kitchen. Misting occasionally can help to keep the plant happy and dust-free. A pebble tray is another good option for humidity loving plants. 

Temperature: Prefers warmer temperatures - 18 -27 - keep away from draughty or chilly spots.