Woolly Wickerware Cactus | 50cm - People Plants
Woolly Wickerware Cactus | 50cm - People Plants
Woolly Wickerware Cactus | 50cm - People Plants
Woolly Wickerware Cactus | 50cm - People Plants
Woolly Wickerware Cactus | 50cm - People Plants
Woolly Wickerware Cactus | 50cm - People Plants
Rhipsalis floccosa

Woolly Wickerware Cactus | 50cm

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The Rhipsalis Floccosa is a fun, shaggy-haired friend to hang in your home. An epiphytic (grows on other plants) forest cactus. It needs minimal water and a bright spot to be happy. 

Long spaghetti-like stems cascade out of the pot and stretch down seemingly with no end. The perfect trailing plant to have in your home.

_ Arrives in a 20cm hanging nursery pot
_ Extremely hardy
_ Perfect for hanging 
_ A ‘wow’ factor plant for your space

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Stems can reach over 6m in the wild! Perfect for cascading over shelves or hanging from the ceiling.


The botanical name Rhipsalis comes from the Greek word ‘wickerwork’. This refers to the long pliable branches.

Woolly Wickerware Cactus
Plant Bio

is a family of plants that are native to Central and Southern America. Coming in all shapes and sizes there are over 35 different species, floccosa being one of them.

Belonging to the group of forest rather than desert cactus, as such, it enjoys higher humidity and does not need as much direct sunlight. It is an epiphytic plant so in the wild grows on trees, with its succulent like stems reaching up to and over 6m long.

The species name Rhipsalis derives from the Ancient Greek term for wickerwork. The name Floccosus translates to having wool-like tufts. 

Part of the Cactaceae family, a huge family with some 1750 known species.

Woolly Wickerware Cactus
Plant Care

: It thrives in bright light, tolerating some morning sun but keep out of direct and afternoon sun to avoid burning.

Water: Wait until the soil has mostly dried out before watering.

Humidity: This plant loves high humidity so would be perfect for a kitchen or bathroom.

Temperature:The ideal temperature range is between 18 and 24 °C.