Yellow Snake Plant | 90cm - People Plants
Yellow Snake Plant | 90cm - People Plants
Yellow Snake Plant | 90cm - People Plants
Yellow Snake Plant | 90cm - People Plants
Yellow Snake Plant | 90cm - People Plants
Yellow Snake Plant | 90cm - People Plants
Dracaena trifasciata var laurentii

Yellow Snake Plant | 90cm

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Yellow snake plants are semi-succulent and native to the semi-arid climate of western Africa. This variety have striped, green sword-shaped leaves, with a distinctive yellow margin that is unique on each leaf. Growing in tight, upright rosettes, they create a dense and full looking houseplant.

__ Arrives in a 27cm nursery pot
__ Perfect for narrow spots in your space
__ Brilliant for beginners as they thrive on a little neglect!
__ Can tolerate low light

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Air Purifying

According to NASA, Snake Plants are up there with the best for their air-purifying abilities!

WOW Factor

Reaching a whopping 120cm high, these plants add a WOW factor to any space.

Bowstring Hemp

The common name 'Bowstring Hemp' comes from the fact that Snake Plant's provided the perfect fibres to create bowstrings for hunting in Africa.

Dracaena zeylanica
Plant Bio

Dracaena zeylanica is native to the semi-arid climate of Western Africa.

A member of the Asparagaceae family.

Also commonly called, Mother-in-Law's Tongue, Bowstring Hemp,

Syn. Sansevieria zeylanica.


| In their native environments, Snake Plants happily grow in full sun or under shady canopies. At home, they can thrive in various lighting conditions. They will survive in indirect light, but keep them in lots of bright light, with a few hours of direct sunlight for best growth.

Water & Humidity | Allow the soil to dry out thoroughly between waterings. Snake plants prefer less water and dry environments as they can be susceptible to root rot.

Temperature | Will go dormant under 10°C but can survive down to 5°C without being damaged. Grow in temperatures above 15°C for the healthiest plant.